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2009 Interiors Trends Watch


1. Interior Trends 2009

1. Interior Trends 2009 (Image 1 of 13)

Who knows? By next year we all may have chopped up every last stick of furniture and burned it in a frantic bid to keep fuel costs low. Assuming the credit crunch hasn't got the better of us, though, and that we've still not been able to move house, why not redesign our homes - with 2009's interior trends for inspiration? Here are our predictions…

By Lesley Hannaford-Hill

2. What The Experts Say: John Lewis

2. What The Experts Say: John Lewis (Image 2 of 13)

Anna Rigby, Head of Furniture Buying, John Lewis says, 'Autumn/Winter 08/09 will see John Lewis fuse a love of nature with a desire for stylish, sophisticated and edgy design. Going forward, furniture shapes will be more rounded and comfortable and a warm, autumnal colour palate will be used to complement the new ranges. Fig is a key colourway for the forthcoming season, which we have used in the popular Mayfair upholstery collection. The demand for storage solutions has resulted in the introduction of Orchard. Designed to make the most of space, the Orchard living room range (from £195) has been crafted from Indonesian durian wood solids and veneers.'

'Our new eclectic accent pieces are proving popular, one of my favourites is the stunning Milano wine table (£125) crafted from aluminium. This collection incorporates traditional influences from around the globe with a modern twist.

Picture: Upholstery, curtain fabrics and furnishings, all John Lewis

3. What The Experts Say: Ikea

3. What The Experts Say: Ikea (Image 3 of 13)

Mikael Beryyman, Ikea, says: 'In the current economic climate, moving house is not such a viable option, so updating your existing nest with affordable, functional design is the reality for 2009. With the credit crunch upon us, it's not all doom and gloom. Ikea believes 2009 is all about bright colours and bold patterns. The new Stockholm collection includes a bright new range of sofas and armchairs, and they are a brilliant way to see out the long winter months and liven up a room.

Don't forget to accessorise your home in 2009, you won't need to break the bank to get the look you desire. Small flourishes, such as introducing new vases and lamps, as well as inter-changing lampshades and cushion covers, are all great ways of bringing life to a room. Choose a colourful piece of furniture and make it a focal piece. Be bold, make a statement with your furniture. Functional design doens't have to cost a lot. Ikea has got a range of great iconic pieces that suit everyone's taste and budget.'

Stockholm living room range, Ikea

4. What The Experts Say: Amode

4. What The Experts Say: Amode (Image 4 of 13)

Helen Harwood, buyer, Amode, says: 'The decadent baroque trend will start to diminish in 2009 and be replaced by an updated 1950s retro style silhouette with bold colours, abstract shapes and geometric patterns. Key items will be wire framed chairs, black lacquered wood tables, quirky wall graphics and metal furniture with laser-cut lace patterns.'

Nemo dining chair, £112, Amode

5. All-White Furniture

5. All-White Furniture (Image 5 of 13)

It's clear that the trend for all-white furniture has not yet reached its peak and is still very much alive. As well as having a lightness and clarity about it, it's also timeless, and easy to team with other colours, or tone on tone. White also provides an excellent showcase or back-drop for other materials. We love the Pinch Alba sideboard (£3,995), which typifies the look, but if your budget's low, you can find white everywhere in furniture and accessories, including Ikea and even Woolworths.

6. Bright, Shiny Colours

Anarchitect chairs. Trends for Interiors 2009

Source: Emma Lee

6. Bright, Shiny Colours (Image 6 of 13)

The opposing trend to this is one of bright, shiny colours, leading to a demand for glossy furniture. This trend is all about smooth, shiny surfaces, as well as high-gloss lacquered fronts on cupboards, chairs and tables. Chairs and sofas are cropping up covered with lacquered leather, and even upholstered furniture has high-gloss elements teamed with matt upholstery. These Anarchitect chairs were tipped by Naomi Cleaver as Future Classics for us a couple of years ago. Looks like she was right...

7. Large Lighting (Again)

7. Large Lighting (Again) (Image 7 of 13)

Another strong theme emerging is over-sized lamps and shades, giving an exciting new look for lighting as well as a focal point in the home. You need only to look at the giant, floor-standing Anglepoise to get an idea of how much of an impact a giant like this can make. Who needs furniture?

8. Flamboyant Wallcoverings

8. Flamboyant Wallcoverings (Image 8 of 13)

Wallcoverings are similarly flamboyant, with designers such as Hemingway and Barbara Hulanicki grabbing the attention for companies such as Graham & Brown. As well as abstract designs, also taking centre stage are nature-inspired prints of flowers and trees for your walls. Our favourite? This Wallpower wallpaper by Nono.

9. Homespun Style

Pinch-Pendel sofa. Trends for Interiors 2009
9. Homespun Style (Image 9 of 13)

Following on from flowers and trees, there will always be a demand for furniture and accessories inspired by nature, with an overtly craft-oriented feel to them. Russell Pinch's Beata lampshade, gently reminiscent of a bee hive, and the simple lines and curves of his Pendel sofa (shown, from £1,730), with its fern and wild flower emblazoned fabric are designed to appeal to any rustic yearnings. For smaller budgets, Ikea's Karlstad range includes floral-covered seating.

10. Handcrafted Looks

10. Handcrafted Looks (Image 10 of 13)

Dark, bold schemes like this one are still fashionable, but more to the point, designers are taking a playful approach with traditional furniture by blurring the borders between professional production and technical ornamentation. Things that aren't actually handmade are taking on the appearance of being painstakingly hand-crafted in styles reminiscent of traditional craftsmanship techniques. Combining materials is still a hot trend, too. The harmony and softness of fabrics and upholstery meet the austerity of braided leather, lacquered woods and metal. New interpretations and re-editions of tried and tested classics combine the familiar with the new. For a high street take on this look, check out John Lewis's range, including the Hudson chair (£795) and the Marrakesh console table (£595).

11. Pearlescents & Mother Of Pearl

Plain-grey-shell-tiles. Trends for Interiors 2009

11. Pearlescents & Mother Of Pearl (Image 11 of 13)

There are dynamic things happening in the world of tiles too. Maybury Home's stunning, hand-crafted mother-of-pearl tiles (shown) come in a range of gorgeous, lustrous colours, all made from recycled shells from the seafood industry. Johnson Tiles are also show-casing new wall and floor tiles in a range of dramatic new textures and surfaces, and these can now be seen at The Material Lab in central London.

12. Old But New Classics

chair-jacobson. Trends for Interiors 2009

Source: Jan Baldwin

12. Old But New Classics (Image 12 of 13)

You only need to sneak a look at the car industry to see how the current trend for taking old, classic designs and breathing new life into them with a re-vamp can be incredibly successful. Those icons of the flower-power age, the Mini and Volkswagen Beetle, have both been re-styled for the 21st century. The same is true of certain styles of classic furniture, such as this floral upholstered Egg chair by Arne Jacobsen (try Fritz Hansen. Danish designers Cane Line have put a new spin on outdoor furniture reminiscent of Lloyd Loom in the 1930s with the elegant Shellton and Breeze cane dining chairs.

13. Danish Design

Louis Poulsen PH50 light. Trends for Interiors 2009

13. Danish Design (Image 13 of 13)

Talking of Denmark... Always very high profile, the design-conscious Danes, fielded a range of interesting pieces at 100% Design 2008, including Normann Copenhagen's Norm 03 sculptural stainless steel lamp and the vibrantly red Corona chair from Erik Joergensen Moebelfabrik. The sculptural lamp is picking up on a wave of shiny stainless steel pieces of furniture, which, along with glass, while undoubtedly creating an impact, must be one of the trickiest materials to keep free from finger prints and smears, especially if it's a piece of furniture such as a chest of drawers that is in constant use. We like the PH 50 light, £395, Louis Poulsen.

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